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    Revolutionary hub providing mobile holistic
    therapies and bodywork
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    Community of dedicated holistas
    to your doorstep in 60 minutes
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    Always ready to share knowledge
    and support your needs wherever you are

About Us

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Who we are

A community of holistic therapists, instructors and teachers providing complementary and alternative therapies to your home, work or hotel. We ensure that our work doesn't stop when we walk out of the door as we are passionate about wellbeing and sharing our knowledge.

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How it works

No more queueing, commuting or time-consuming searches for credible and professional therapists. We believe it is time to revolutionise the way you have access to therapies and bodywork by providing an advanced online booking system and a network of multi-skilled, fully-insured and highly qualified Holistas at your convenience and within 60 minutes.

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Why Us

We are the pioneers of introducing a wide range of treatments and services in one hub whether you are searching for acupuncture, yoga, massage, osteopathy or simply nutritional advice, you can find a therapist to help support, nourish and give a helping hand. Providing services at a competitive rate we ensure we are accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds.


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